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Are you Incident Response Ready?

Get Started for $1/host

Due to COVID-19 and the demand for remote Incident Response support, Infocyte is offering partners 30-day Patrol (Incident Response) licenses for only $1 per host.

detection and response platform

Trusted by Leading Incident Response and Managed Security Service Providers

Join our partners delivering fast, flexible, and cost-effective Compromise and Threat Assessments, Incident Response, and Managed Security Services.

Advanced Detection. Instant Response.

Hunt, detect, and respond to APTs, file-less malware, and zero-day attacks across local, remote, virtual and cloud assets.

Secure Your Environment

Validate your security posture and reduce your cyber risk. Expose and eliminate memory-based attacks at scale.

Make Faster Decisions

Reduce alert noise, investigate unknown threats, and streamline response with agent-less forensic analysis.

Strengthen Your SOC

Improve Security Analyst efficiency, reinforce your existing security investments, and optimize cyber-security operations.


''Infocyte is 10x faster and easier than our old detection and response solution — a combination of two separate platforms.''

''We selected Infocyte after looking at and evaluating multiple different platforms. Infocyte finds what others miss.''

- Dan Wiley, Head of IR and Security Services at Check Point

''Infocyte has added vast amounts of automation — to the point where an entire network can be assessed within a day.''

''After deploying Infocyte, our detection and response time decreased from weeks, with multiple assets, to minutes with only one analyst.''

''Infocyte has developed a product that can do much of the heavy lifting—remotely.''

“We deployed Infocyte into multiple customer environments and found the speed, ease of use, and effectiveness of Infocyte HUNT far exceeds competing solutions in the IR space.”

- Jim Priddin, Head of IR and Cyber Investigations at Grant Thornton

''HUNT is an affordable, nimble, effective tool for the cyber risk assessment space.''

''Infocyte's quality, technical expertise, and speed of implementation is second to none.''

- Mark Grosvenor, CTO at NFP

''They key difference is the automation with Infocyte HUNT. As a result we can run a lot of compromise assessments quickly, and in parallel if needed.''

Platform Overview

Fast, Forensic Incident Response

Infocyte is the only endpoint security solution to combine deep forensic analysis and continuous monitoring, allowing for both retrospective and real-time attack detection from the cloud.

Infocyte for IR

No agent or reboot required

Deploy and get started in minutes

100% Cloud-based SaaS architecture

Perfect for Remote Incident Response

Use via Admin Active Directory account

Supported by World-class Partners

All data encrypted

cyber incident response dashboard

Eliminate Hidden Threats

Expose and eliminate advanced persistent threats, file-less malware, zero-day attacks, and more.

Remain Response Ready

Leave Infocyte installed to continuously detect and respond to hidden threats, risks, and vulnerabilities.

Extensive IR Capabilities

Quickly and at scale (one-to-many) isolate infected hosts, analyze threats, and more with Extensions.

Why Infocyte?

Fast, Scalable Incident Response from the Cloud

Detect and eliminate advanced threats.

Infocyte combines historical forensics and continuous monitoring to expose advanced persistent threats (APTs), file-less malware, and zero-day attacks.

Reduce alert noise.

Infocyte is tuned to reduce false positives and false negatives, helping your security team identify, investigate, and respond to real cyber threats.

Improve security analyst efficiency.

Enable your security analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters to inspect memory, analyze threats, and execute response actions at scale.

Strengthen endpoint security.

Infocyte complements your endpoint security (AV, EDR, SIEM, SOAR, and more) helping you close gaps, identify compromises, and respond faster.

Extend your SOC.

Augment your cybersecurity team with 24x7 access to our Security Operations Center for malware analysis, incident response services, and more.