Determine if Your Network is Breached

Our Compromise Assessment offers organizations an
in-depth, yet cost-effective, solution to reducing the breach detection gap and ensuring the security of an organization’s networks. 

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Assessing the status of your network

The first step to any cyber security strategy involves knowing your current security posture and state. Attackers are often resident inside a network for months, sometimes years, before being detected using malware to infect endpoints. As evidenced by the growing number of breaches, existing technologies are no longer enough to stop all threats from penetrating the perimeter. 

While vulnerability assessments and penetration tests look for security gaps and vulnerabilities, they do not detect existing compromises. Today’s enterprises need to add compromise assessments to their security practices to proactively verify whether a network has been breached and mitigate risk.

The Infocyte Compromise Assessment service determines whether a network is breached using proprietary Infocyte HUNT scans. It proactively discovers the presence of know and zero day malware and persistent threats – active or dormant – that may have successfully evaded an organization’s existing security defenses. Infocyte provides an in-depth analysis of the scans and delivers an easy to understand executive report documenting the results, along with recommendations on how to better secure your environment.

Compromise Assessments conducted with Infocyte are more comprehensive and cost-effective than alternative approaches – and complete within days. 


  • Definitively answers if you have been breached.

  • Final report provides collected intelligence and drill down into identified issues to allow your team to take action with swift remediation and incident response. 
  • Speed of assessment – provides active intelligence within hours followed by a full review and report in 3 days on average.
  • Effective in identifying signs of hidden backdoors and Remote Access Tools – simply put,  malware that gives an attacker remote access or control.
  • Advanced detection combines forensic automation and patent-pending memory analysis techniques tailored to detect malware and compromised systems. 
  • Agentless scans gather system information and scan volatile memory with no pre-installation of software for seamless deployment and minimal impact on your systems.
  • Infocyte HUNT does not rely on the operating system or existing security tools, so results are untainted by any existing compromise.
  • Provides recommendations on how to better secure your environment.

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