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We help security teams around the world detect, understand, and respond to cyber threats with the leading independent detection and response platform for dynamic IT environments, Infocyte HUNT.

Why Infocyte?

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About Infocyte

Defense alone doesn't win games.

Most cyber-security companies focus on prevention — seeking to stop known adversaries and cyber threats from breaching your defenses.

Unfortunately, even the world's best prevention technologies are not 100% effective at stopping advanced adversaries and preventing a data breach.

We play offense — helping security teams proactively hunt, detect, and respond to unknown cyber threats (i.e. the highly sophisticated attacks your prevention tools are prone to miss).

Our forensics-based threat detection and incident response platform, Infocyte HUNT, performs live memory analysis at scale — eliminating false positives and false negatives. As a result, security teams can detect and respond to the most important threats 10x faster than via static analysis and log-based endpoint security/EDR tools.

Deploy Infocyte HUNT from the cloud for immediate asset discovery, automated threat detection with real-time alerting, vulnerability scanning, compromise assessments, and more.

Eliminate attacker dwell time and respond to breaches faster  with Infocyte HUNT.

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Analyst Insight

Infocyte's unique forensics-based approach, from the cloud, independent of other security tools, should provide the company with the differentiation needed to stand out in a crowded and confusing market.
by Aaron Sherrill


Analyst Insight

With Infocyte, enterprises can quickly get alerted and respond to a lurking attacker and gain visibility into advanced threats. These capabilities can quickly bring value to understaffed organizations.
by Robert Ayoub and Sean Pike


A Brief History of Infocyte

In 2014, armed with the experience of building and leading the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT) and executing over 3,000 successful cyber hunter/killer missions our co-founders, Chris and Russ, started Infocyte.

Infocyte enables organizations large and small to take a proactive approach to cyber security: simplifying and streamlining cyber threat hunting and incident response.

Our award-winning platform, Infocyte HUNT, detects hidden breaches, file-less malware, and advanced cyber threats capable of evading the world's best defenses (Next-gen Firewalls, Anti-virus Software, EDR Platforms, and more).

Not only does our platform detect hidden threats, Infocyte HUNT also simplifies incident response, allowing teams to investigate and eliminate malicious threats faster.

Infocyte is the result of 20+ years of experience hunting adversaries within the largest, most complex, and most targeted defense networks in the world. Our team uses this experience in developing the technology to tackle today's most advanced cyber threats.

No other independent cyber threat hunting and incident response platform delivers the speed, power, and precision of Infocyte HUNT.

Our Core Values


Our customers entrust us to protect their business and environment—we go above and beyond to shield our customers from security risks, breaches, and adversaries.


Excellence is not perfection, but rather a constant pursuit to be at the top of our field—above the noise—as a leading threat hunting and incident response company.


We strive to live up to this principle on a constant basis, which—according to C.S. Lewis—means "doing the right thing, even when no one is looking."


We win as a team—focusing on working together to wow our customers and partners—and trust each other. We are dependable, efficient, helpful, and resilient.