Who we are.


Our mission is to deny attackers the ability to persist undetected inside your network


Developed by former US Air Force cybersecurity officers, Infocyte’s dedicated forensics-based threat hunting platform discovers the post compromise activity of cyber attackers and malware that have bypassed other defenses. The company’s unique approach to security reduces attacker dwell time to help organizations and independent assessors defend networks and critical information. 

Infocyte is the result of years of experience hunting adversaries within some of the largest and most targeted defense networks in the world. This experience building the U.S. Military's first malware hunting team provides us with an unmatched level of operational expertise and equips Infocyte with a highly refined perspective on how to tackle today's security threats.




Making it happen


Leveraging deep technical expertise in the enterprise security and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industries, our team has dedicated our time, talents and passions to fundamentally improve network security and turn the tide against those who would do harm in the digital domain.