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Endpoint Detection and Response + Microsoft 365 Security

Key Features:

Endpoint Detection and Response:

- Advanced INCYTE™ Analysis & Detection

- Asset & Application Discovery

- Vulnerabilities & Reports

- Enhanced Asset Reporting

- API Access & Integrations

- Continuous Monitoring

- Includes up to 10 hosts and 7 days of data retention


- Domain and User Discovery

- Industry Standard CIS+ Benchmarks

- Reporting: Pass/Fail/Partial by Control

- Includes one domain and ability to view security check results

The fine print: Infocyte Community Edition includes all of the features of Infocyte's Platform for a limited number of hosts and seven days of data retention, all at absolutely no cost to you. For our Microsoft 365 security compliance module, Infocyte will allow inspection of one domain and show the security check results. These capabilities will be available to community edition subscribers for up to 90 days. Infocyte’s platform is also SOC 2 compliant and all data collected for analysis is segregated and private.

Use Cases

Reduce risk, achieve and maintain compliance, and optimize security operations.

Asset Discovery

Quickly enumerate and catalog assets, applications, hosts, etc. on your network to pinpoint unauthorized devices and environmental vulnerabilities.

Proactive Detection

Patent-pending memory analysis and AI-powered threat intel enables security teams to detect and respond quickly — without relying on historical log data.

Incident Response

Automate incident response investigations, including Root Cause Analysis and alert triage, streamline remediation efforts, and reduce your time to detect and respond.


Identify vulnerable applications, accounts, hosts, and more, so you can close the gaps in your cyber defenses and address vulnerabilities before they're exploited.

Compromise Assessments

Conclusively validate your security posture to identify gaps in your defensive layers and identify systems that can be — or currently are — compromised.

Alert Validation

Leverage a powerful API and library of integrations to instantly validate SIEM alerts and initiate forensic inspections, returning a state of compromised or not.