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breach detection gap white paper

White Paper: The Breach Detection Gap And Strategies To Close It

This white paper examines why adversaries are successful in persisting in networks; the limitations of existing security technologies and methodologies to discover threats once they are inside; and how dedicated hunt technology and processes can work with your existing security infrastructure to deny attackers the ability to persist undetected.

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cyber attacks financial sector

White Paper: Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector

Banks and the financial services sector are under increasingly targeted cyberattacks. The industry faces unique threats and challenges, particularly custom designed malware. Old fashioned concepts of security and defense are outdated, what is required is a shift in mindset. Read our white paper :Cybersecurity in the Financial Sector” to learn more about updating your approach and securing your assets.

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cyber security risk assessment

White Paper: Assessing Cybersecurity Risk in a Breached World

This white paper introduces the role and need for the Compromise Assessment, a new class of security assessment which seeks to identify unknown security breaches and adversary presence within a network.  It also demonstrates how the latest threat hunting methodologies and technologies can be best applied to deliver a rapid and effective compromise assessment, giving information risk managers unparalleled fidelity and confidence into the status of their networks.

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enterprise malware detection

White Paper: Protecting the Enterprise Against Unknown Malware

What you can’t see can hurt you. Malware is being developed at such a fast rate that traditional anti-virus and anti-malware software solutions are struggling to keep up. This white paper explores why threat hunting is an essential tool to combat the rise of unknown malware.

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reduce cyber attack dwell time

White Paper: Reducing Attacker Dwell Time

Detection methods and technologies in cybersecurity today predominantly focus on the real-time prevention and detection of attacks through 24/7 monitoring. What’s missing are processes and technology that address detection of threats that evade these systems and persist on the network or connected devices.

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advanced persistent cyber threat anatomy

White Paper: Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

Looking to capitalize on the benefits, the security market has suddenly become crowded with solutions that all claim to offer threat hunting capabilities: EDR, DFIR, Behavior Analysis and Forensic State Analysis (FSA). This paper will help you understand the differences between threat hunting tools and the role each plays in breach detection and prevention, and where solutions such as Infocyte Hunt fit within the tool belt of the hunter.

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