cyber incident response team

A Practical Guide to Building a Cyber Incident Response Team

September 4, 2019

While there are a number of threat and risk management solutions that help your personnel deal with low-level security events by automating responses, high-level threats (sophisticated and stealthy attacks) including advanced persistent threats (APTs) require a cyber incident response team — equipped and ready to act, fast. This team could be: A standing team within…

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windows 7 vulnerabilities exploits

The Pending Windows 7 Vulnerabilities Your Org Needs to Prepare for, Now

August 29, 2019

Preparing for the Windows 7 Sunset Support for Windows 7 is ending. That much is certain. After January 14, 2020, free technical assistance and software updates from Windows Update will no longer be available for the product, although support will be available to Enterprise and Microsoft 365 customers who can buy security updates on a…

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endpoint security advanced cyber attacks

Network and Endpoint Security Still a Challenge for Small and Mid-market Companies

August 20, 2019

Knowledge is power, and for the small and mid-market, knowing what threats and vulnerabilities are lurking within your network environment is key. To do this effectively, one cannot simply rely on defensive measures — firewalls, AV software, and other network security and endpoint security tools — without a proactive component. Regardless of what cybersecurity framework…

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ai deep learning cybersecurity

5 Amazing Applications of Deep Learning in Cybersecurity

August 13, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing almost every industry. Deep Learning (DL) an AI methodology, is propelling the high-tech industry to the future with a seemingly endless list of applications ranging from object recognition for systems in autonomous vehicles to potentially saving lives — helping doctors detect and diagnose cancer with greater accuracy.  In this article,…

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incident response platform dashboards

Infocyte Release Notes, August 2019: Dashboards

August 9, 2019

As an incident responder, security analyst, and/or Infocyte partner delivering managed detection and response (MDR) services, you’re constantly tasked with deciding what to do right now. Additionally, you need to know how what you’re doing has impacted your environment(s) over time. Infocyte’s newly released (and continuously evolving) dashboards will help cyber security teams answer two…

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infocyte mid-market threat and incident response cyber report

Mid-market Threat and Incident Response Report: Our Methodology

August 2, 2019

Last month, we released our inaugural Mid-market Threat and IR Report on the types of threats we’re finding in customer- and partner-led threat assessments and incident response investigations. One of the most interesting and controversial data points is the enormous amount of dwell time for malware and unauthorized access: over two years — well in…

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infocyte mdr default blog image

Infocyte Release Notes July 2019

July 31, 2019

Webhook Support and Integration Infocyte has released a new capability within our managed detection and response platform, allowing customers to create custom hooks into any number of third-party systems through a Webhook integration. This feature allows customers and partners to send Infocyte Alerts to any defined destination that supports push capabilities. Some examples of how…

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proactive cybersecurity best practices

5 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Mid-Market Businesses

July 19, 2019

According to RSM US Middle Market Business Index survey, 15% of mid-market businesses have suffered a data breach in 2019. The report also reveals a considerable jump from 5% in 2015. And while cybersecurity breaches in large companies such as Facebook or Marriott still capture the international news headlines, mid-market businesses are quickly becoming the…

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check point incident responder

A Day in the Life of a Check Point Incident Responder

July 10, 2019

This blog is a first-hand account from a Check Point Software Incident Responder, outlining a cyber attack which occurred in January of 2019. First signs of an attack The call came in first thing in the morning. One of our clients, Linden Bulk Transportation, was under attack. Linden provides bulk and intermodal transport across North…

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managed detection and response mdr provider

Should You Outsource Your Managed Security Services to an MDR Provider?

June 25, 2019

At the end of 2018, IndustryWeek published some eye-opening statistics… During 2018, we have seen a 350% increase in ransomware attacks, a 250% increase in spoofing or business email compromise (BEC) attacks and a 70% increase in spear-phishing attacks in companies overall. Further, the average cost of a cyber-data breach has risen from $4.9 million…

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