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infocyte - proactive cybersecurity for transportation

Case Study Overview

In the face of increasing cyber risks to public infrastructure, a mass transit agency turned to Infocyte for help understanding their current security posture and to assess the need for more proactive cybersecurity measures and investments.

Learn how Infocyte HUNT helped a public transportation organization proactively identify, isolate, and eliminate hidden cyber risks.

The Challenge

The mass transit agency in a major U.S. city enables over 150,000 riders every day to get where they need to go. Their agency serves the metropolitan area and surrounding municipalities with a fleet of over 500 buses and streetcars. More than 2,000 employees help make the daily trips go well.

The agency’s IT infrastructure is comprised of a series of complex and interconnected control, management and communication systems. These systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks, which could disrupt operations or cause financial damage. Concerned about increased cyber risks, the agency took steps to understand its current security posture and assess the need for more advanced security measures and investments.

The agency’s Board of Directors engaged Infocyte to perform a compromise assessment of the primary IT infrastructure to analyze all systems and determine if any existing threats had made it past the agency’s current security controls. Such an assessment is important because many targeted attacks can remain hidden for years as attackers use tools and techniques designed to bypass an organization’s existing security stack.

Our Solution

The cybersecurity risk assessment used Infocyte HUNT, which is purpose-built to proactively expose, investigate, and eliminate threats and vulnerabilities already resident within an environment. Using dissolvable agents, an Infocyte security analyst conducted scans of more than 950 workstations and servers active on the network.

Within two days, Infocyte HUNT had found that the agency’s network was infected with multiple pieces of malware, some going back two years and exposing the agency to critical risk.

Infocyte HUNT identified five variants of known malware and backdoors, another 15 instances of potentially risky programs, and suspicious code in the active memory of one system that didn’t trigger alerts by any other security tools. Numerous other unwanted or unauthorized programs were discovered, including remote access tools that can be used maliciously be attackers and insiders alike.

The Results

Without a compromise assessment, the agency’s security threats would have continued to go undetected, and it would have been difficult to provide enough tangible evidence to warrant increasing investments to improve their security posture. The results of the assessment helped the agency to pursue increased budget and supplemental funding from the US Department of Transportation and Department of Homeland Security.

Read our case study to learn more about the value to this agency of a comprehensive compromise (security risk) assessment with Infocyte.