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Case Study Overview

NFP is a leading insurance and brokerage firm located in Austin, Texas. Within thirty days of being introduced to the Infocyte platform, NFP completed an initial proof-of-concept, configured, and deployed Infocyte to their entire network.

Learn how NFP uses Infocyte, delivered as a managed security service, to reduce cyber risk by continuously and automatically certifying their network is free from cyber threats like advanced malware, hidden breaches, and unknown vulnerabilities.

The Challenge

NFP is one of the nation’s largest insurance brokerage and consulting firms, offering a range of commercial insurance, corporate benefits and private client resources.

NFP has a 5,000-node network spread across multiple locations; the company also completes about 50 acquisitions a year, all with different technology environment at various levels of maturity.

Accordingly, NFP wanted to expand its approach to cyber security by integrating tools to help identity and contain ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. The company also wanted the ability to pre-scan newly acquired environments to better understand the risks associated with bringing them online.

Our Solution

NFP selected Infocyte HUNT's managed detection and response solution as the right tool to start proactively hunting for and respond to threats that might have already penetrated its existing defenses. Numerous other security tools were researched, including EDR and NGAV offerings. However, Infocyte HUNT was the most conclusive, efficient and intuitive tool NFP could find for its threat detection and assessment goals.

Within thirty days, NFP had completed a proof of concept, implemented Infocyte HUNT, and identified, isolated and eradicated several threats from their network— including ones that their existing defenses hadn't yet caught.

Infocyte HUNT has also identified several hundred unique pieces of malware within the first year of being deployed, including bitcoin miners, trojans, viruses, backdoors, unwanted programs, spyware, adware and toolbars.

The Results

With Infocyte’s help, NFP has become significantly more efficient in systematically identifying and removing cyber threats. What’s more, NFP now better understands threats at all levels across its many assets, including newly acquired companies.

NFP currently uses Infocyte HUNT to scan its entire network on a weekly basis and is in the process of moving to Infocyte’s agent-based deployment model that supports continuous threat hunting. NFP also uses the Infocyte solution to improve an acquisition’s environment before integration, thus reducing the risk of inheriting malware and other legacy threats.

Finally, NFP uses Infocyte HUNT as a compliment to its other security measures, such as industry-standard antivirus software, traditional vulnerability scanning, third-party penetration testing, and firewalls.