Infocyte Customer Case Studies

Discover how Infocyte's endpoint detection and response platform helps organizations control attacker dwell time, reduce cyber risk, maintain compliance, and streamline cyber-security operations.

Hospital District

This hospital district's security team was alerted to multiple unknown file execution attempts on PCs. Infocyte was brought in to examine the situation and remedy it as soon as possible. Our team was able to identify ransomware in their network and purge the ransomware actors before ransom was demanded.

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Credit Unions

Credit unions face unique challenges that Infocyte can help solve. Ransomware, malware, and data protection are at the forefront of our endpoint detection and response platform that can help your business stay secure.

Oil & Gas

"We realized instant, measurable value deploying Infocyte HUNT alongside our EDR platform — they make a great combination. Infocyte gave us expanded visibility into threats resident and hiding in live memory."

Senior IT Engineer
Utilities Company

State & Local Government

With roots in the US Air Force and its foremost threat hunters, Infocyte helps state, local, and education protect what matters most--data, employees, and reputational concerns.

Small to Mid-Size/Mid-Market

Infocyte understands that unique challenges that small to mid-size organizations face when it comes to security. If you're not sure where to start, but know you need endpoint detection or Microsoft 365 security and compliance, we can help.

Large to Enterprise Organizations

Infocyte has the scalability that large and enterprises need. Advanced threat detection, incident response, endpoint detection and response, as well as Microsoft 365 security can be delivered via Infocyte's SaaS platform.


"We immediately identified a wicked Mimikatz trickbot trojan infection, masked behind Ryuk ransomware—and much more. Infocyte's platform is amazing and saved our IR team a bunch of time."

Lead Incident Responder
Check Point Software

Public Transit

"We were impressed with Infocyte’s methodology used to search for adversaries and malicious threats. The scans were seamless and non-invasive, and completed quickly an efficiently."

Keith Messner
CTO, Pierce Transit


"Infocyte gave us visibility—very quickly—across our various network segments, helping us understand how the attack had moved. We were then able to isolate and contain it, and eventually clean it from our environment."

Erik Pufahl
Director of IT at Linden Companies