Discover how Infocyte HUNT helps organizations across various industries eliminate attacker dwell time, hunt advanced cyber threats at scale, and respond to breaches faster.


Infocyte HUNT helps security teams detect hidden cyber threats, eliminate dwell time, and respond to breaches faster. These Case Studies share how we've helped organizations across various industries succeed with Managed Threat Hunting, Incident Response, and more.
Insurance  NEW 

Find out how a leading insurance broker deployed Infocyte HUNT's threat hunting tool and found hidden attacks within minutes.

Health & Medical  NEW 

Global MSSP uses Infocyte HUNT to provide post-breach Incident Response for biotech firm; hunts and kills Ryuk Ransomware attack.

Oil & Gas  NEW 

Natural gas company uses Infocyte HUNT to detect custom malware that had bypassed existing cybersecurity defenses.

Transportation & Logistics

Mass transit agency uses Infocyte HUNT to assess and verify security posture; quickly detects and patches vulnerabilities.

Banking & Financial (MSSP)

International MSSP leverages Infocyte HUNT to assess, verify, and strengthen a banking and financial institution's cybersecurity posture.

Banking & Financial (M&A)

Top-tier financial institution uses Infocyte HUNT Compromise Assessment to independently validate cyber risk during M&A.