A Look at the Growing Number of 2016 Breaches and How to Stop Them

June 6, 2016

Welcome June! Thank goodness May is over based upon the number of breaches that took place during the month.  While going through some industry articles over a rainy holiday weekend in the US, I came across a long list of breaches, 42 to be exact, that took place during the month of May 2016 as reported by ITGovenance.

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Defense-in-Depth is Key to a Successful Security Strategy

May 31, 2016

I was speaking to someone on the phone and asked a pointed question: “Are your systems hacked?” There was a pause, which I broke by saying that it was a very black and white question. His reply? “We’ve never been hacked.” My response? “How do you know?”

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Another Day, Another Breach – Regaining Control of Your Network

May 25, 2016

Another day, another breach – and a long one at that for the latest FBI alert.  The FBI quietly released threat intelligence indicators, including web-based attack infrastructure, on a grouped labeled “APT6”, which has been actively pilfering data from multiple government networks since at least 2011.

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