Where to Hear Infocyte’s Chris Gerritz Talk Cybersecurity This Month

March Madness with a Frenzy of Speaking Events

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March is synonymous with college basketball tournaments. At Infocyte we have our own March Madness this month with a frenzy of speaking events. Here’s a list of where our very own expert threat hunter, Chris Gerritz, will be speaking this month on all things cybersecurity and threat hunting.

March NY Info Security Meetup

Tuesday, March 6 | 6:00 PM  9:00 PM

Threat Hunting, Redefined
Speakers: Shawn Reilly and Chris Gerritz

When organizations are faced off with the complex task of securing their data, networks, and applications many decisions take place on who, what, when, where, why and how. Shawn’s 17 years of experience in technology has seasoned him into a sales leader that helps companies make these decisions. He also demonstrates a keen ability to assess the marketplace and uncover how customers need to deploy solutions to solve needs. Additionally, he excels at educating customers and team members on complex products to ensure they are well educated about the service offerings and associated value Infocyte brings to the table.
For more information visit: https://www.meetup.com/NY-Enterprise-Information-Security-Meetup/events/247056917/

BSides Austin

Infocyte is a Silver Sponsor of BSides Austin. Chris Gerritz, the company Founder and CPO will be presenting the following session at BSides:

Compromise Assessments: Best Practices & Lessons from the Field

Friday, March 9 | 10:00am
Speaker: Chris Gerritz

Compromise Assessments are a recent and hotly demanded service designed to inform organizations whether their networks are compromised or not. This is not an easy task, especially when it is not a network you are familiar with. In this talk, we will discuss some of the real-world challenges and best practices of conducting proactive hunts in other peoples’ networks. From gaining access to finding persistent threats, malware, and misuse of credentials. We will explore defining, scoping, and conducting these types of assessments to effectively find possible threats while being as efficient and non-invasive as possible.
For more information visit: https://bsidesaustin.com/speakers/

DataConnectors CyberSecurity Conference – New Jersey

Thursday, March 15, 2018 | 3:45-4:15pm

Next Generation Threat Hunting “Malware Analysis Simplified”

Infocyte HUNT is a forensic-based threat hunting solution that is easy-to-use, yet powerful to limit risk and eliminate dwell time by enabling an organization’s own IT and security professionals to proactively discover malware and persistent threats, active or dormant, that have successfully breached existing defenses. Infocyte HUNT assumes all endpoints are compromised. Using agentless surveys, it spends a few minutes on each endpoint, then uses Forensic State Analysis (FSA) to find definitive proof, and conclusively validates their state: “Compromised” or “Not Compromised”.

Learn more: https://www.dataconnectors.com/event/new-jersey2018/

InnoTech San Antonio

Defense in Depth is Dead – Evolving Your Security Approach

Thursday, April 12
Speaker: Chris Gerritz

Reports of network intrusions have spiked in recent years resulting in millions in financial loses, theft of intellectual property, and exposure of customer information. The groups responsible for these attacks are organized and can persist in your organization’s systems and endpoints without detection for 6 months on average – sometimes years. The approach many organizations take to prevent these attacks is to simply layer on increasing numbers of defensive solutions – clearly, this approach is no longer sufficient.

Learn why the current defense in depth model, as it is applied in many organizations, leaves critical gaps which allow attackers to remain undetected. Chris Gerritz, Infocyte’s Founder and the former Chief of Defensive Counter Cyberspace Operations for the U.S. Air Force AFCERT team, will discuss:

  • The Defense in Depth model from an attacker kill chain perspective
  • Why defense is important, but it is not the only factor to deliver security
  • Where threat hunting and post-compromise detection fit in the model

For more information, please visit our Events page.

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