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Three Quick Ways To Manage and Reduce Your Cyber Risk

This post was last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 06:00 pm

Manage your Cyber Risk Beyond the Core Protection

There are plenty of ways to manage (and reduce) your cyber risk beyond the core protection and compliance investments. Here are the three methods of managing cyber risk we find most effective.

1. Detect and Patch Security Vulnerabilities Faster

“Known vulnerabilities offer cyber-criminals an easy, relatively frictionless entry point into corporate networks, enabling them to propagate a wide range of attacks.”

– Maya Horowitz, Threat Intelligence Group Manager at Check Point

Some endpoint security solutions, including Infocyte HUNT, can scan your network hosts, endpoints, and VMs for application vulnerabilities. These vulnerability scans help you identify out-of-date and otherwise vulnerable software applications. Unfortunately, time is your enemy, so the faster you detect and address application/software vulnerabilities, the better.

2. Proactively Detect and Eliminate Cyber Threats To Reduce Dwell Time

Aberdeen analyzed data from over 2,000 breaches and found that controlling dwell time — reducing dwell time it to just 7 days, eliminates 77% of this risk and when reduced to 24 hours, eliminates 96% of this risk.

Infocyte HUNT automatically hunts your network endpoints in search of hidden cyber threats on a scheduled or continuous basis — eliminating over 96% of dwell time — and helping you prevent security incidents from becoming full-blown breaches.

Read our cybersecurity white paper on controlling attacker dwell time.

3. Improve Detection and Incident Response Capabilities to be Better Prepared When it Counts

The Ponemon Institute’s 2018 analysis of 500 breaches also concluded that a firm’s cyber Detection and Incident Response capability is the single largest driver for reducing its cyber risk.

Providing efficient and accurate incident response capabilities — allowing you to detect, investigate, and eliminate cyber threats faster. A growing number of organizations find outsourcing their Managed Detection and Response capabilities to a specialized provider a better and more cost-effective solution.

Learn more about our Managed Detection and Response service.

Contact us to learn more about reducing your cyber risk, request a cyber risk assessment, or schedule a demo to see Infocyte HUNT in action.

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