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Looking For A Cybersecurity Internship? Look No Further.

This post was last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 06:00 pm

We Started our Cybersecurity Internship Program

Starting a new career in cybersecurity can be overwhelming—especially if you lack hands-on experience. This is true for most people seeking a job in cybersecurity (a field with far more jobs than qualified candidates).

We started our cybersecurity internship program for this very reason: to give professionals entering the cybersecurity field practical on-the-job training through an internship aligned to their career path.

In fact, our first intern recently completed his “tour of duty” with Infocyte and sat down with us for a brief Q&A session about his experience…

Who are you?

First Lieutenant Zachary Koopmans, an officer in the United States Air Force.

What’s next after completing your cybersecurity internship with Infocyte?

My family and I,  are moving to Seattle and I’m joining Google as a developer.

How did you find out about the Infocyte internship program?

The Department of Defense offers a program called SkillBridge ( that helps veterans transitioning from military service into a career path of their choice. One of the key elements of the program involves internships available to separating/retiring veterans—helping them find and secure internships in the commercial space.

I took advantage of that part of the program and interviewed with Chris Gerritz, one of Infocyte’s founders. I needed to stay local to Central Texas and Infocyte has an office in San Antonio, so the internship with Infocyte worked perfectly.

Why did you choose Infocyte for an internship?

My goals, related to my internship, were: 1) code every day and 2) own a project, and Infocyte offered both! As an officer, my role was more on the admin and leadership side of software development, and I wanted to sharpen my skills for the transition away from military service. I also wanted to be able to show that I developed and delivered software in the commercial space—specifically in the cybersecurity industry.

As a company founded by military veterans, Infocyte understood what I was bringing to the table and put my skills to good use.

Why was your experience at Infocyte valuable?

While interning with Infocyte, I developed an integration for their threat hunting and incident response platform—specifically our ForeScout CounterACT integration. ForeScout is a publicly traded company, so being involved with the development of this integration was a huge plus. Not to mention, during interviews I got to say, “I helped develop an integration between a multi-billion dollar company and the startup for which I’m working.”

Every company I met with, during my job search, want to hire people who’ve not only worked on a project but had ownership of that project in some regard.

Infocyte gave me the opportunity to learn about cybersecurity while applying my development skills in a commercial capacity.

What would you tell others trying to find an internship in cybersecurity?

If you don’t land a cybersecurity internship with Infocyte, seek out other hands-on opportunities in the cyberspace. Infocyte’s internship program is great, but just like any internship program: you get out what you put in. Be prepared to define your goals and know what you want to get out of the program.

Knowing what you want to do and achieve will help you find the right internship opportunity. Plus, you’ll be able to evaluate the program upon completion and measure your accomplishments against your expectations.

That said, Chris and his team did a great job of putting me in a position to succeed while I was working for Infocyte. The San Antonio office primarily focuses on product development, testing, quality assurance, and delivering Infocyte’s MDR services (managed threat hunting and incident response) to customers.

Our internship program includes tracks for Cyber Threat Hunting, Incident Response, Programming/Development, Security Operations, Malware Analysis, and more.

To explore current careers in cybersecurity and learn more about our internship program, please visit our careers page or contact us.

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