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Detecting and Responding to Ransomware Attacks

Behind the Scenes: What Happens in a Ransomware Attack? [Video]

This post was last updated on September 27th, 2021 at 12:31 pmThe first step to protecting yourself from a ransomware attack is understanding what it actually is. The behaviors that constitute a threat might individually seem like perfectly normal activity, even to someone who knows what they are looking for. If we put ourselves in…

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Five MDR Service Principles to Reduce Risk in Mid-Sized Enterprises

This post was last updated on October 12th, 2021 at 11:17 amIf you run a smaller enterprise or a mid-sized organization, you might think that hackers have bigger fish to fry and won’t set their sites on you. That line of thinking is risky, though. As cybercrime skyrockets, no organization is immune to attack, but…

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Responding to Kaseya VSA Vulnerability & REvil Ransomware Attack

Infocyte Guide to Responding to Kaseya VSA Vulnerability & Ransomware Attack

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Dealing with DarkSide

This post was last updated on September 23rd, 2021 at 03:28 pmBrian Krebs recently reviewed more details about ‘DarkSide’ and this ransomware group’s role in shutting down the Colonial Pipeline. DarkSide is a group that packages and provides ransomware capabilities as a service. Other ransomware gangs and organizations pay a fee for DarkSide tools and…

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Infocyte Completes first 100 Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Assessments

This post was last updated on September 8th, 2021 at 05:18 pmOrganizations Struggle with Proper Microsoft 365 Configuration with 28% Average Compliance Score (less than 50% of our target) Microsoft 365 (aka Office or O365 or MS 365) is the most popular SaaS productivity and back-office platform in the market today. The MS 365 platform…

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Infocyte + Check Point

On-Demand: Demystifying Behavioral Detection

This post was last updated on August 10th, 2021 at 05:54 pmWatch Replay -> Feeling overwhelmed by MITRE ATT&CK and behavior based detection? You’re not alone. Behavioral analytics or behavior based analysis has often been viewed as an advanced undertaking for cybersecurity’s elite. Adding to its complexity is the unnecessary pursuit of “full” MITRE ATT&CK…

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Behavioral Analytics Blog

Practical MITRE ATT&CK Coverage Part II: Top 20 Focus

Follow up blog on why you should monitor for the Top 20 attacker behaviors: not 10, not 30.

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Top 20 Most Common Hacker Behaviors

This post was last updated on August 27th, 2021 at 03:59 pmThe top MITRE ATT&CK™ behaviors to monitor for on your endpoints and servers When the OWASP Top 20 Vulnerabilities was first published it revolutionized our industry’s approach to vulnerability management. Instead of playing wack-a-mole with thousands of individual vulnerabilities every time a new one…

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Infocyte Partner Program Honored With 5-Star Rating in the 2021 CRN Partner Program Guide

This post was last updated on August 27th, 2021 at 05:34 pmChris Auger Infocyte is being acknowledged by CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, in its 2021 Partner Program Guide. This annual guide provides a conclusive list of the most distinguished partner programs from leading technology companies that provide products and services through the…

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Practical MITRE ATT&CK Coverage

Chasing the unnecessary and unachievable need for FULL MITRE COVERAGE? Here’s why thats a bad idea.

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