The Platform for Proactive Cyber Security

Agentless visibility, detection, and incident response throughout your physical, virtual, and cloud architecture.

Reduce risk, maintain compliance, and streamline security operations.

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Analyst Insight

Infocyte's unique forensics-based approach, from the cloud, independent of other security tools, should provide the company with the differentiation needed to stand out in a crowded and confusing market.
by Aaron Sherrill


Analyst Insight

With Infocyte, enterprises can quickly get alerted and respond to a lurking attacker and gain visibility into advanced threats. These capabilities can quickly bring value to understaffed organizations.
by Robert Ayoub and Sean Pike


Why Infocyte HUNT

Reduce Security & Compliance Risks

Strengthen your overall security and risk posture, while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

Focus on What Matters Most

AI-driven analysis helps you quickly expose, isolate, and eliminate sophisticated cyber threats.

Improve Security Operations

Automate your detection and response operations with triggered scans, simplified IR, integrations, and more.

Proactive Detection. Instant Response.

Proactive threat detection and on-demand incident response — supported and managed by our global network of partners — across your physical, virtual, and cloud architecture.

Asset Discovery    


Threat Detection    

Incident Response

Expose hidden threats and vulnerabilities, control dwell time, and respond to security incidents faster.

Threat Detection & Incident Response Solution Matrix

Compare traditional threat detection and incident response solutions to Infocyte HUNT.

Platform Overview

Proactive Security for Dynamic IT Environments

Infocyte HUNT is an agentless detection and response platform designed to simplify and streamline proactive cybersecurity operations.
Our platform provides security teams with instant visibility, threat detection, and incident response in physical, virtual, and serverless environments.
Infocyte HUNT's agentless architecture, forensics-based inspection technique, ease of deployment and ease of use make it an ideal platform for delivering cost-effective managed detection and incident response services.

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Request a Compromise Assessment

Expose hidden threats and vulnerabilities in your environment with actionable insights.

We help security teams do four things:

1. Understand your Environment

Enumerate and inventory the hosts, endpoints, and workloads in your environment. Discover assets across your physical (workstations, systems, servers), virtual (system/servers) and cloud infrastructures (workloads, instances, containers). 1

2. Detect threats and vulnerabilities

Expose threats capable of evading the world's best prevention technologies. Detect advanced persistent threats, file-less malware, triggered attacks and other hidden threats, including application, operating system, identity-related vulnerabilities, and more.

3. Respond to security incidents

Respond faster with automated incident response triage, scoping, and patient-zero identification. Investigate, isolate, and eliminate threats in your environment, or outsource your IR to one of our managed security service providers.

4. Reduce risk and maintain compliance

Achieve compliance with unprecedented visibility and reporting into network and application assets, network hygiene, and auditing the effectiveness of security controls.

Customer Success Story

"Infocyte's quality, technical expertise, and speed of implementation is second to none."

Mark G.
Chief Technology Officer

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Case Studies


"Infocyte gave us visibility—very quickly—across our various network segments, helping us understand how the attack had moved. We were then able to isolate and contain it, and eventually clean it from our environment."

Erik Pufahl
Director of IT at Linden Companies

Oil & Gas

"We realized instant, measurable value deploying Infocyte HUNT alongside our EDR platform — they make a great combination. Infocyte gave us expanded visibility into threats resident and hiding in live memory."

Senior IT Engineer
Utilities Company

Banking & Financial

"We deployed Infocyte HUNT in ten minutes — without business interruption — allowing us to deliver instant, tangible value through our managed security services practice. Our customer was thrilled with the results."

MSSP Partner